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Motorcycle registration process in Bangladesh


Motorcycle registration procedure in Bangladesh As per the motor vehicle registration act of Bangladesh, you cannot use your bike or car without doing registration with BRTA of Bangladesh. Here we will show you the way … Read more

History of Motor Insurance in Bangladesh

1st motor vehicle

History of vehicle insurance is as old as the age of insurance of modern form. But the form of motor insurance in the previous ages was not so sophisticated as practiced in the insurance market. Motor insurance … Read more

Motor Vehicle Registration Fees


Motor Vehicle Registration Fees “74. Registration Fees.(1) The fee for registration of a motor vehicle shall be, (a) in respect of a motorcycle (i) engine capacity not more than one hundred cubic centimeter, four thousand … Read more

Bike insurance companies in Bangladesh

Bike insurance company in Bangladesh The 46 motorcycle insurers in Bangladesh usually underwrite motor insurance risks. Here the list of bike insurance companies has been in alphabetical order. In the compilation of our list, we … Read more