Motorcycle registration process in Bangladesh

Motorcycle registration procedure in Bangladesh

As per the motor vehicle registration act of Bangladesh, you cannot use your bike or car without doing registration with BRTA of Bangladesh. Here we will show you the way to register your motorcycle in the following paragraph.

Bike registration process in Bangladesh

Steps 1

Buying documents from the dealer of the motorcycle

  • Import document
  • VAT-11 documents
  • Sonali Bank’s Treasury Chalan
  • Cash memo
  • Customs clearance
  • Gate pass
  • Owner voter ID card copy

Please note that vat challan must be related to importer as well as dealer. The case is the same as the Treasury challan.

Steps 2

Download application form from BRTA

Then fill-up all parts of the BRTA registration form to avoid any re-submission.

Steps 3

Get your application verified by the BRTA officials

 Steps 4

Collect the assessment slip or Money Deposit Slip from BRTA officials

Here is the calculator for knowing your registration fees from BRTA Bangladesh.

Steps 5

Pay the money to the banks and get the money receipt for attaching the same to your application form

Pay BDT 13790.00 for 10 years registration if your bike’s cc is 101-150). Never forget to add VAT amount at the rate of 15%.

Steps 6

Submit the application with money receipt and related documents to the BRTA office.

Motorcycle registration statistics in Bangladesh

After getting your registration card, you can learn about the motorcycle insurance process in Bangladesh.

or you can buy online bike insurance to start using your bike in the road. Thanks for reading .

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  1. Dear Abdul Kadir Bhai,

    Can you please tell me more about the Sonali Bank’s Treasury Chalan. Is the bike company supposed to provide the Treasury Chalan? Also can you suggest any Govt. website or source for detailed information? Kindly advise, it’s really urgent.

  2. Bhai Amar Discover 100 CC motorcycle er 10 years registration er Meyad shesh hoye jabe kichu diner vitor. Amake abar notun Kore registration korte hobe naki previous registration ei cholbe.

  3. I need help.
    I Have buy yamaha r15 v2 6 years ago and after that i have gone abroad. Now i have come back and want to register my bike. I have showroom documents and Money recipiet.
    So can anyone help me what is the process


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